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UPDATED VISITOR POLICY: Patients may have 2 visitors over the age of 5 accompany them to their appointment.

If you have traveled outside of the US, have a fever, have symptoms such as a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, loss of taste/smell or have come in contact with someone who has traveled, or someone who has any symptoms please contact our office immediately at (302) 319-5680 to reschedule your appointment. All patients will be screened for illness at check-in.

If you have results from COVID testing pending, you will be able to be seen in the office once negative results are received.
Preconception Consultations

Preconception consultation services are available to help patients plan and prepare for a healthy, successful pregnancy.  Preconception consultation services are helpful for patients who are considering a future pregnancy, but have concerns due to pre-existing medical, obstetrical or genetic problems.  These problems could include:

  • Medical issues such as:
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • History of Cancer
    • Kidney Disease
    • Known Bleeding Disorders
  • Obstetrical issues such as:
    • History of pregnancy loss
    • History of preterm labor/birth
    • Medical issues related to pregnancy such as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Cardiomyopathy, history of Molar pregnancy
  • Genetic issues:
    • Known genetic diagnosis

During a preconception consultation, patients meet with one of our [board certified] perinatologists (physicians who specialize in high risk pregnancies) to discuss their specific medical, obstetrical or genetic issues.  Working with the patient’s referring obstetrician, our perinatologists help to identify risk factors for future pregnancies.  We develop a plan of care based on each patient’s individual needs, all focused on improving the outcome of future pregnancies.   Patients are given the opportunity to have their questions answered, and are educated as to lifestyle and medical options; all aimed at enhancing pregnancy outcomes.

Appointments are made through your primary OB-Gyn