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NIH Sponsored Research Studies
Research Staff
  • Matthew Hoffman, MD Principle Investigator
  • Anthony Sciscione, DO Principle Investigator
  • Stephanie Lynch Research Nurse Manager
  • Research Nurse Coordinators
  • Jenny Benson | Katie Brennecke | Colleen DeBosier
  • Jennifer Mann | Ingrid Kissel
  • Research Assistants
  • Carrie Kitto  |  Stephanie Lort  |  Elisha Lockhart
  • Ashley Vanneman  |  Aundrea DeVuone-Young  |  Debra H. Long

Our practice is involved in the following research studies. All of these studies are sponsored by the National Institute for Health:

  • STAN
    We are very excited to launch the STAN study. This study will analyze the ST segment and the T/QRS ratio of fetal electrocardiogram (ECO) in an attempt to establish a relationship between the ECO signal and the development of myocardial ischemia. This study will focus on singleton pregnancies with a cephalic presentation. The STAN system will be adjunct to the traditional fetal monitoring system. The STAN system will allow obstetrician's to either intervene if ECO changes are of concern or continue with current management of labor if ST analysis is reassuring. This study has started recruitment on L&D. Call the research department if you are interested in having your patients participate.
  • The National Standard for Normal Fetal Growth
    We began enrolling patients in the fetal growth study last summer and it has been going well thus far. We are still actively recruiting patients to take part. The purpose of the study is to set a national standard for normal fetal growth during pregnancy. This study entails ultrasounds throughout pregnancy, including 3D and 4D images to take specific measurements of the baby. The study also involves taking anthropometric measurements of both the mother and newborn, as well as short interviews at each visit. All of these measures combined will help us find a reliable standard for normal fetal growth. This study is being done at sites across the country, with a total of 3000 women expected to participate. The basic requirements for enrollment in to the study are single gestational pregnancies, less than 13 weeks. Starting in Jan 2011 we will be recruiting 75 twin pregnancies! Please contact the research department at 302-573-7413 if you know anyone who might be interested.
  • The SCAN Study
    The scan study is randomized trial of 17-Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate for prevention of preterm birth in nulliparous women with short cervix. The criteria for this study is a single gestation pregnancy between 16 and 33 weeks, with a cervical length of less than 1.2 inches (30mm). Cervical length eligibility is determined with trans-vaginal ultrasound, and the measurements taken by study certified sonographer. We hope to get a total of 12 patients on the study through Christiana Care. If physician has a patient pregnant for the first time and has a short cervix and would like to take part in a research study, please call the research pager at 302-573-7315.
  • nuMoM2b
    NICHD study to help identify adverse pregnancy outcomes. 10,000 women across the country from 8 clinical centers, 750 here at Christiana Care, first time moms, less than 14 weeks, 3D ultrasounds and travel reimbursement provided.
  • ALPS
    The rate of pre-term birth has steadily increased in the US over the past 10 years. Late preterm infants experience a higher rate of readmission than their counterparts, and these infants are more likely to suffer complications such as respiratory distress, kernicterus, feeding difficulties, and hypoglycemia. The study is randomized, double masked, placebo-controlled clinical trial. This study would like to enroll 2800 women with singletons pregnancies who are likely to delivery between 34 0/7 and 36 0/7 weeks gestation nationwide. The purpose of the study is to evaluate whether antenatal corticosteroids can decrease the rate of neonatal respiratory support, thus decreasing NICU admissions for late preterm infants.
  • Expedite Study
    A phase III, double blind, randomized, multicenter study of Exogenous Prostaglandin comparing the Efficacy and safety of Misoprostol Vaginal Insert (MVI) 200 mcg to the Dinoprostone vaginal insert for reducing time to vaginal delivery in pregnant women at term.

Occasionally there are incentives for individuals to participate in research studies.  These incentives may be financial incentives or the incentive of having more ultrasounds (free of charge) than you would normally have during your pregnancy.  If you would like to find out if you qualify to participate in any of the research studies please contact the research coordinator:

Stephanie Lynch
Research Coordinator